Our Aeris extreme weather gear is the only product on the market that allows wearers to regulate their own body temperature, even in the toughest conditions.
Wearing the Aeris system made it very easy to transition from outside to inside without always having to add or....
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Eric – Beacon Ops & Maintenance
The Aeris system increases overall productivity by doing more than just keeping you warm. Our products promote mobility, improve safety and the lightweight materials help increase stamina.

Take the AERIS Challenge

Like so many of our customers, Aeris loves a challenge. So we put our products to the test in the freezing water of Huntington Reservoir where the air temperature at 9 degrees Fahrenheit, and a 25-m.p.h. wind produced a -11 F wind chill. After jumping through a hole cut in 48 inches of ice, Taylor felt warm again only 45 seconds after getting out of the water. He then spent the next hour out on the frozen lake in wet, but warm and comfortable, clothes by Aeris.

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