Proper Wearing Instructions For Your New Aeris Mid-Layer Garment


For maximum performance wear 100% polyester or nylon as a base layer.
• When wearing cotton or wool as a base layer, be aware that these products will retain moisture.
• DO NOT use a base layer that includes Spandex or Lycra. (These materials pull heat from your body.)

• Wear anything breathable e.g. Cotton, Modacrylic, Fleece, Polyester, Nylon, etc.
• DO NOT wear any laminate material even if it claims that it’s considered “waterproof” or “waterproof-breathable.”

• When wearing your Aeris, you should NOT have a tight fit. Your Aeris should be loose/comfortable.

If you need to wear Fire Retardant (FR) always wear an organic base layer, then your Aeris inside, then your FR outer shell.

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